"The world does not reward honesty and independence, it rewards obedience and service. It’s a world of concentrated power, and those who have power are not going to reward people who question that power."-Chomsky

"The trouble with self-delusion, either in a person or a society, is that reality doesn't care what anybody believes, or what story they put out. Reality doesn't "spin." Reality does not have a self-image problem. Reality does not yield its workings to self-esteem management." -J.H. Kunstler

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."-Dylan

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Over the last year, this blog has degenerated into something that's now bordering on black, with a negativity swirling around it that has literally begun to suck the life out of me. It seems that this began about the time Chris and I arrived in Michigan last year, and for the last few months, my posts, while historically accurate, were unforgiving in their observations & insights and becoming outright brutal and mean-spirited. My sincere (and unsolicited!) apologies to my sisters, Pam & Kim, as well as Andre, Cody, Chris, Wendie, Ray, and Karen. Be assured: I don't like that guy, either.

This hasn't felt right for a long time. I obviously need to unplug, and re-evaluate what it is I'm doing and why... and I need to do that without feeling I need to check in with you!

Thanks for your readership and support, I'll be back sometime...